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Appointment of Mairead McGuinness as EU Commissioner a strong signal for Irish medicines and pharmaceutical sector

The appointment of Mairead McGuinness as EU Commissioner-designate for financial services and financial stability by EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is a very welcome development for the hugely important Irish medicines and pharmaceutical sector.

According to David Delaney, Chairperson of Medicines for Ireland, “the appointment of Mairead McGuinness to this hugely important role is very good news for the important medicines and pharmaceutical sector in Ireland. In her previous role as the First Vice-President of the European Parliament she has shown skill and determination in helping to ensure that the interests of Ireland have been protected at EU level. At Medicines for Ireland and through our parent organisation Medicines for Europe, we have engaged constructively with Mairead McGuinness throughout her time as an MEP. What has been remarkable has been her ability to influence policy and resolve very technical issues. Medicines for Ireland has worked with Mairead McGuinness since 2016 on the complex issue of Brexit in the context of ensuring that patients in Ireland are not impacted with the movement of medicines into Ireland. This crucial preparatory work for a ‘no trade deal’ Brexit has proven invaluable to Ireland in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic.”

Photo via @EU_Commission