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Medicines for Ireland announces new leadership team

Negotiation on the new Framework Agreement on Supply and Pricing of Medicines set to be a key priority for incoming Medicines for Ireland chair and vice-chair.

Medicines for Ireland (MFI) has appointed Paul Neill, Director of Generic Medicines, Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland and Melissa Fisher, Country Manager, Viatris, as its new Chairperson and Vice Chairperson. Mr Neill and Ms Fisher take on their new roles at a pivotal time in the generic and biosimilar industry as it prepares for negotiation with the Department of Health on the new Framework Agreement on Supply and Pricing of Medicines.

Since its foundation in 2016, MFI has been promoting the benefits of the increased use of generic and biosimilar medicines in Ireland. The organisation’s core objective is to improve how Ireland procures and supplies medicines to expand patient access to affordable, lifesaving and life-enhancing treatment, all while generating significant value for the State.

Speaking ahead of his appointment as MFI chair at the association’s AGM, Mr Neill said: Our association and members have embraced the opportunity to bring about significant positive change in healthcare accessibility and affordability. As the Irish healthcare budget remains under significant pressure, generic medicines can offer substantial value for both healthcare systems and patients. While the demand for cost-effective medications has risen in Ireland in recent years, there remains significant scope to increase usage of generic medicines to align with the UK and EU.”

To truly achieve the great possibilities our forward-thinking industry can provide, we must ensure strong and progressive relationships with the state, including politicians, state bodies, and European partners. These relationships are vital in shaping policies that support a better and more cohesive ecosystem that benefits patients, healthcare systems and the state,” he concluded.

Ahead of her appointment as vice-chair, Ms Fisher said: The challenges of our time require innovative solutions developed and informed by all key stakeholders across the medicines supply chain. MFI stands at the forefront of advocating for policies that promote a stronger, collaborative, and innovative landscape in which generic and biosimilar medicines play an even more significant role in enhancing patient and healthcare system outcomes. 

“The EU Pharmaceutical Package is an important development that will have major impacts on the Irish landscape. MFI members will continue to collaborate with our European counterparts in Medicines for Europe to ensure it is the best possible package for patients and the healthcare system in Ireland. This will be a key for us when we welcome our colleagues from Medicines for Europe to Ireland for the industry’s annual general assembly in June 2024,” she concluded.


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