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EVENT REGISTRATION: Generic medicines – reducing costs and improving patient access to medicines in Ireland

Medicines for Ireland, the Irish pharmaceutical trade association and the supplier of the majority of medicines in Ireland, is proud to introduce Generic Medicines Day


It is well recognised by the HSE and the Department of Health that the increased use of generic medicines has delivered €1.6 billion in savings to the Irish health system since 2013. These savings have been delivered by the members of MFI who supply the majority of medicines to the HSE and to patients directly.


The important role of generics is set out in the Programme for Government which has commitments about reducing the cost of medicines, including via generic prescription. This is recognition from the Government that over the last decade, the increased use of generic medicines in Ireland has helped dramatically reduce the cost of everyday health care. These reductions have helped families across the county access a greater range of medicines due to generic competition. While this has resulted in the era of the big brand being dealt a blow, an increased use of generic medicines will help protect public finances and the HSE budget, with the possibility of redirecting savings into other much needed HSE resources.


Failure to address the high cost of medicines, with more sustainable generic options, will ensure that funding constraints remain a millstone around the neck of an already overstretched healthcare system. Generic medicines are central to the plans to continue to reduce costs while also improving patient access to medicines in Ireland. In the last 12 months, the average reimbursed price of generic medicines was six times less expensive when compared with non-generic medicines, illustrating the very significant savings that can be availed of at both national and local level.



Medicines for Ireland is delighted to invite members of the public to its first Generic Medicines Day event, a virtual conference with a range of excellent speakers and panellists as part of the inaugural Generic Medicines Day in Ireland. This conference is an opportunity to hear leading national and international experts discuss how generic medicines can contribute to reducing costs and improving patient access to medicines in Ireland. You can register for the event via the link below.