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Call on EU leaders to safeguard access to medicines and build resilience in response to Russia-Ukraine war

The supply of medicines is critical yet unstable as war continues in Ukraine.

As a key medicines supplier, our sector is doing everything possible to support Ukrainians and welcomes the recent establishment of a more coordinated EU approach to the donation of medicines to Ukraine. We are also mobilising our logistical capabilities in close coordination with EU civil protection agencies, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and NGOs supporting Ukrainian patients in this time of need.

Given the essential role of medicines in humanitarian situations and public health, special effort and protection is needed from European Heads of State and Government.  As EU leaders meet in Brussels to discuss the evolving response to the conflict in Ukraine, we urge targeted action to facilitate safe production and transportation of medicines.

Our highest priority is to secure humanitarian corridors inside Ukraine for the safe passage of civilians and for the delivery of medicines to war-stricken cities. We deplore the military attacks on stocks of life-saving medicine and are deeply concerned about the lack of medicine for Ukrainians in the war-torn regions. We therefore plead with the EU to use all diplomatic channels with Russia to establish these vital corridors.

The EU had no choice but to apply extraordinarily strong sanctions against Russia to stop the war in Ukraine. We appreciate that medicines have been exempted for humanitarian reasons and we are working with our members to help them to comply with these important rules, notably the financial and the logistical limitations imposed by the international sanctions. There is, understandably, pressure to increase sanctions against Russia. We would therefore advise a closer dialogue between the relevant EU enforcement bodies and the medicines industry on finding the correct balance between the humanitarian need to supply medicines and the EU’s legitimate sanction policy to stop the war.

We encourage the EU Council to devote its full energy and authority to stop the war in Ukraine and to protect patients by securing access to medicines, while taking the necessary action to support our industry in achieving the same goal.

Call on EU leaders to safeguard access to medicines and build resilience in response to Russia-Ukraine war

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